Oakville Laser Hair Removal

How much easier would your grooming routine be if you never worried about hair removal? Imagine having smoother skin without irritation from shaving, ingrown hairs from waxing, or shadowing of dark hairs under the skin.

Laser Hair Removal is the most effective solution for treating unwanted face and body hair. Women and men choose it to get silkier skin without regular maintenance.

Visit DermaZone in the core of Oakville for a free consultation to find out whether you’re a good candidate for laser hair removal and what to expect.

Advanced Laser Hair Removal in Oakville

Get touchably smooth skin with the most advanced laser hair removal technology. At our medical aesthetics clinic in Oakville, treatments are fast, effective, and comfortable.

DermaZone Medical Spa uses the Soprano ICE™ Laser Hair Removal system, considered one of the top technologies in the world for safe and long-lasting hair removal.

ICE™ is an advanced cooling technology that cools the skin during treatment, so the laser can deeply penetrate hair follicles without damaging the skin. The Soprano applicators are designed to work faster, so you get results with less time in the clinic.

This laser technology also includes multiple laser wavelengths, so it’s suitable for a wider range of hair and skin types. Visit our medical spa in Oakville to get customized advice on laser hair removal.

Popular Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Whether you want a small patch removed in a single area or a full-body laser hair removal treatment, we can customize a program that’s right for you.

Here are some of the most popular options for our clients from Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, and Toronto.

Laser Hair Removal Brazilian

Brazilian laser hair removal has surged in popularity. No more awkward shaving, waxing, or uncomfortable regrowth. Any hairs that do return are finer and softer with each treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Full Body Package

We can customize a full body package to meet your needs. For most of our clients, full-body includes the face and neck, full arms and hands, full legs with feet, Brazilian, and underarms.

Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Area

If you’d love to wear swimsuits without dark shadows, stray hairs, or ingrown hairs around your bikini area, this treatment is for you. You’ll love the smooth, low-maintenance results.

Laser Hair Removal Underarms

Underarm laser hair removal can make you feel more confident in sleeveless tops. It also reduces body odour because hair traps bacteria that cause odours.

Laser Hair Removal Upper Lip

If you’re done with tweezing and waxing, with regrowth in between, then laser hair removal for the upper lip is for you. Get confidence knowing you look naturally hair-free.

Laser Hair Removal Legs

There’s a feeling of freedom that comes with low-maintenance legs. You’ll save time and never have to worry that you missed a patch. Plus, the feeling is so touchably smooth.

Ask Us for Any Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Visit our Oakville location and tell us your hair removal goals. We’ll let you know if you’re a good candidate, plus how many sessions to expect and the price for each.

What to Expect from Laser Hair Removal in Oakville


How Many Hair Removal Sessions Do You Need?

Clients at our Oakville spa often ask how many laser hair removal treatments they’ll need. The truth is, it depends on your hair type, skin type, age, and even the treatment area.

If your hair is dark relative to your skin color, you could get results faster because lasers target dark pigment. On the other hand, if you have high levels of hormones that control hair regrowth, you may need more sessions.

You can expect 6-12 sessions. Sometimes clients are happily surprised that they need fewer sessions to get hair-free skin.

Laser Hair Removal Cost

How much does it cost to get laser hair removal in Oakville? Our costs at DermaZone compare to other laser hair removal clinics in the Burlington and Mississauga area. We may be more affordable than laser hair removal in Toronto because we’re outside the city core.

Costs vary depending on whether you are getting a full-body laser hair removal package or focusing on one area, such as bikini hair removal. You’ll never have to pay for your laser in advance. So, if it takes fewer sessions, you save.

You’ll find that our rates are competitive, especially for the personalized service you’ll get at our pristine clinic in the core of Oakville. We take our time to customize a treatment plan that will get you the best results in the fewest sessions.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

By targeting hair where it grows, laser hair removal dramatically reduces and can eliminate hair regrowth.

Whether you get permanent hair removal or long-lasting hair reduction depends on your hair type, skin type, age, and other factors.

Laser hair removal is permanent when the hair follicle is destroyed. Some men and women have more resilient hair follicles and experience regrowth over time.

We always tell clients to expect an annual maintenance or touch-up laser hair removal session to keep those silky-smooth results. However, many of our clients are hair-free for life.