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Unwanted Hair Growth Solution

Unwanted hair growth is a difficulty faced by both men and women due to hormonal changes, genetics, medical health conditions, PCOS, etc. The unwanted hair growth is remarkable as one enters their 20s but diagnosing the root cause can help stop the issue.

Unwanted Hair Removal Solutions Include:

  • Temporary Solutions: Shaving, threading, hair removal creams, epilators, waxing, plucking, and sugaring tweezing 
  • Permanent Solution: Laser hair removal treatment

A laser hair removal treatment is your best solution if you are looking for a long-term solution for unwanted hair growth.

How Laser Hair Removal Works?

Laser hair removal uses light to target the pigmented area’s hairs. The light travels down to the root of the hair and into the hair follicle.

The laser light destroys the hair follicle, and hair can remove permanently. The treatment varies from person to person as per their hair growth, hair type, and color, body area. It can range from 3 appointments to 7 appointments to achieve that silky smooth sensation depending on your hair color.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • No ingrown hair:  Laser hair removal remove the hair follicle completely which gives no chance of ingrown hair.
  • Painless treatment:  Minimum pain is felt in this treatment and can be alleviated easily during all processes.
  • Cost-Effective
  • Fast & Effective
  • Quick, long-lasting, and pain-free procedure.

All you Need to Know About Laser Hair Removal Therapy

Is laser Hair Removal permanent?

Laser hair removal is permanent when the hair follicle is destroyed. When the hair follicle is only damaged, the hair will ultimately regrow. Laser Hair removal is the only permanent cosmetic solution for hair removal & hair reductions. At DermaZone Medical Spa Oakville, we recommend at least 4 times treatment for that silky smooth skin.

Does Skin & Hair Colours Make Difference?

Laser Hair Removal works best on people with light complexions with dark hair. Due to this, the pigment diversity makes it more accessible for the laser to target the hair, reach the follicle, and destroy it. People with dark complexions & light hair may require more treatments than others. To remove hair permanently, the experts must know how to target the areas of hair and keep the right type of laser.

Is Laser Hair Removal is Right for me?

Laser Hair Removal treatment is a very adaptable method that can be used on all types of skin and body. Some of the people’s hair types may need complex procedures, that all of DermaZone Medical Spa Oakville’s Experts can do.

How Long Laser Hair Removal procedure for women?

The duration span of Laser Hair Removal for women depends on the target area. For example, underarms may need one or two minutes while the upper lip may take ten to fifteen seconds. We can complete your full legs or full hands within ten to fifteen minutes.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

The main reason for choosing a laser hair removal treatment is it provides long-term results, quick & painless method, and more cost-effective in the long period.

Who Can Get Laser Hair Removal?

Above the age of 18 years are suitable for this treatment. However, people who pregnant and lactating women are not eligible.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Typically, 3-7 appointments are suggested for most of the cases. Smaller areas like underarms, face, bikini..etc may take 15-20 minutes each, and larger areas like full legs, full hands, or full body hair removal will require more sessions which can require more than 1 hour for each. The number of sessions depending upon your hair color, skin type, etc.


Anti aging & Wrinkle Reduction tips by DermaZone Medical Spa Oakville

There is nothing that can quit your skin from aging, but a specific change in your regular life activities can reduce the percentage of your skin aging and you will look younger than your present age.

Now, you all know that every person has some habits that you know are bad for your health but you yet engage in such types of activities. Like waking up late, eating a lot of oily food, consuming alcohol, smoking, lack of physical exercise, etc…

What happens is that all certain activities collectively incite your skin to age fast, and when you understand the truth that all of unexpected you look older to people same as your age, you get suffered and start wasting money on medicine and treatments to get your skin look younger, but before you come to DermaZone Medical Spa in Oakville for Anti Aging TreatmentWrinkle reduction to improve your skin aging problems further, DermaZone Medical Spa will give you anti-aging suggestions that you can add in your everyday living activity to see younger.

Anti aging & Wrinkle Reduction tips

Following all below the tips will positively help you in improving your skin tone and you will look younger than chronological age.

1. Add Vitamin A in your diet

 Add food in your diet that is productive in Vitamin A, like sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe, apricots, collard greens, spinach, winter squash, kale. Guava, Watermelon, Pumpkin, Mango, Papaya, Hard-Boiled Egg, milk, Salmon, Cod Liver Oil, Tomato, Red Bell Pepper, add those in your diet will help your skin aging & reduce skin wrinkles.

2. Eat Less Sugar

Reduce Sugar Consumption, it helps to improve the tightness of your skin. Because more sugar consumption damages your teeth, sugar not only leads to rot teeth. 

3. Drink Plenty of water & Hydrate yourself

 The thumb rule is that you should drink water 2 to 3 liter in a day or as per your body activities just keep in mind that you should nevermore feel thirsty during the whole day. The proper consumption of water will ensure a healthy and younger skin.

4. Get more beauty sleep 

While you sleep, your bodies receive all the essential nutrients from the food you eat & drink to keep your body and skin healthy. In sleep, your skin repairs itself and new cells grow to replace older ones. An average sleeping hour for teens, adults and old age women, as well as men, is 7 to 8Hrs per day. Improper sleep can effect in increased puffiness, dehydration, black circles around your eyes

5. Less Consumption of Alcohol & Smoking

Occasional consumption of drinks like red wine, it will good for your heart, but daily and big amount of alcohol consumption will for Completely damage your skin cell. Now we talk about smoking, then it can have a serious impact on your looks, even if you are an occasional smoker, it will make you look older and weaker, & also effects on your lungs. So stop smoking as soon as possible.


Skin Facial Oakville

Pumpkin Peel Facial

Amazing News! DermaZone Medical Spa is offering a Pumpkin Peel Facial at an affordable price.

First we start with preparing the skin with a deep cleanse, then a gentle exfoliate is applied to remove dead skin cell’s from the surface. A degreaser is then placed on the skin to get it ready for the pumpkin peel! Once we remove the peel we use a toner to make sure the skin is extra clean and clear for our deep cleaning mask. Once we remove the mask we add our hydrating serum, moisturizer, SPF and finish it all with an anti-aging eye treatment.

Honestly, can it get any better then that?

This is a great way to try out our amazing medical spa located in beautiful Downtown Oakville at an amazing price. And it’s a one of kind treatment!

You can give us a call or text at 289.255.1199 to book your appointment now!